Top Crops Egyptian Pepper


Peppers (Capsicum annuum) belong to the nightshade family, also called sweet peppers. 

Green peppers are one of the most savory types of sweet bell peppers, they tend to stay fresh a little longer than red or yellow bell peppers, and they can be eaten either raw or cooked. 

Health Benefits of Green Peppers:

1. Full of Nutrients, Vitamins, and Minerals like:
Vitamin C - Vitamin B6 - Vitamin K - Vitamin E - Vitamin A - Potassium - Iron - Folates - Fibers - Carbs - water and low in calories, fat, and sodium
2. Contain Antioxidants that work as a defense against Disease and Promote Eye Health
3. Strengthen the Immunity System
4. Anemia Prevention
5. Improve Digestive Health and Nervous system
6. Preserve the Skin
7. Ideal for losing weight
8. Incredibly Versatile 

Top Crops Green Pepper Seasonality Map